My path as a healer began when I started working in various capacities in the private and public non-profit sector. For 7 years I worked one on one with individuals of all ages with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, mostly in-home settings, and rehabilitation centers. I was a manager, case worker, direct support professional, and an LNA. I tackled every day small challenges to harder life circumstances like crisis prevention and palliative care. At the core of my work was my faith and purpose to serve something greater than myself.

            My decision to move onto massage was born from the need of my own self-care. I wanted to be of service in an area that provided me also a sense of comfort and respite that I give to my clients. My natural personality is introverted, quiet, calm, and caring. I knew I could translate my own natural expression in a career where I could truly be myself.

My clients that come to see me know I cater their experience to their preferences. I have the tools to help, but that does not mean I know anyone’s body better than they do themselves. The word therapeutic is different for every individual, sometimes it is focusing on a specific problem, or going to place of complete relaxation and contentment.
In my free time I am a bit of a reclusive dynamo and somewhat of a culture junkie. I enjoy experiencing all things arts, food, films, music, and travel. I am a published poet, a visual artist, a tinkerer in metal arts, a strategy game enthusiast, and a book lover.
Beyond Massage
The Wentworth by the Sea
Duda Spa
Body Rituals Wellness & Spa
Seacoast Career Schools
This is where I studied Massage Therapy and learned the basics of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and a variety of massage techniques to start me on my path to helping every client with their individual needs. I was fortunate to have been taught by a physical therapist and a chiropractor that expanded my knowledge of the human body and getting to the core of soft tissue problems.
Since graduating massge school I have continued with more advanced trainings in myofascial release, orthopedic massage, Thai, active isolated stretching, and pain management.
Massage for Maui
After I graduated school I took respite in Maui for three months to apprentice under Steve Dollahite learning from his unique style of orthopedic massage. I have found this to be one of the most useful tools in my approach to helping people who have chronic pain whether it occurs in their joints, comes from past injuries or arthritis.
Great Bay Comunity College
I am currently finishing an A.S. in business from Great Bay Community College and hope to go onto complete a bachelor’s in business. Leadership is my goal, to teach other others how to find the best in themselves and embrace what success looks like to them.